Personal Development Analysis and the Talent Management

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Last week in Madrid, Global Business Partners organized two-day seminary in Personal Davelopment Analysis. Among the participants, there were the Senior Consultants and Human Resources professionals form different companies such as Red Eléctrica, Beaumont Group, Quilate  Executive Search as well as Independent Consultants in Human Resources Areas. One of the goals during this two-day session was to reflect on how to enhance Human Resources Processes by using the PDA, a scientifically backed tool which enables us to identify, develop and retain talent within the companies, as well as make it compatible with the positions and / or competencies of the organization.

The current labor market is characterized by its fierce competition and dynamism. The process of identifying and especially retaining talent is complex but essential to any company looking to project itself to the future, bet on new targets and increase their efficiency. A total lack of human resources management can be seen in many companies, and  leads to demotivate and disengage employees working reluctantly or doing activities that are above or below their skills and abilities. Undoubtedly, this situation is totally counterproductive because it works through inertia, devaluing the objectives and slowing growth potential.

The first step consists in detecting talent within the company, to identify behavioral patterns that allow us to form active, dynamic and efficient working groups. The second step, related to the first but more important, is to retain our qualified staff. There is no doubt that the detailed information of human resources upon which we rely is a key tool for managing talent. Once we have a clear overview of the talents we have on staff, we can perform a more effective distribution of responsibilities. With that information, we can bet on new objectives and consider a temporary period of testing to see if we are heading in the right direction. We are always on time to make changes, but we can only do this if we are convinced of the behavioral profile of each person. All companies are seeking talent. If we have it within the company, detection is key and allowing its development, is essential. Today we know that human resources departments are the heart of any business, being concerned about the best way to manage them is the easiest and most secure way to achieve greater productivity.

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