Communication and Modern Business: Lessons form Shakespeare

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Wiliam Shakespeare, “the Bard of Avon” used to say that if you do not pay proper attention to the value and currency of language, you can not get your business right until you get your words right. We all tell stories. In our daily life we tell stories to our children, to our friends, we share the latest social gossips or organziational rumours but we avoid to tell a story in our life as a business people. It is only recently that few companies try to catch attention using storytelling applied to the brand, product, service etc..

We all know, that a good stories engage listeners so why don’t we take adventage of it? The power of Shakespeare’s stories transcend time and culture because its quintessence is focused on universal, timeless truth as love or power. Modern storytellers continue to adapt Shakespeare’s tales to suit our modern world, whether it is the tale of Romeo and Juliet on the mean streets of Berlín or Macbeth in feudal Japan. Stories serve to ground your work in a real context. They help you show a new product, connect a new idea, explain a design concept but most of all, stories help you keep your clients at the center of your business. Stories are a way of connecting with clients on different basis: creating a common history and purpose, encourage colaborations, describe context or situation, launch a design discussion….

When people listen to stories, their minds are engaged in the process of “painting” it in the details. This engagement sets the stage for persuasion or, even more important, a call to action. So, why don’t we try to engage our clients through our unique and passionate story?

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