Tigert’s Four Tiny Retailing Tidbits

2018-11-08T16:33:08+00:00May 4th, 2013|Human Resources|

There are four golden rules that every manager in retail sector should have “tattooed” on his/her arm. I would like share with you just four but all four are extremly important in people management in retail environment.

  • First:

    The retailing organization that fails to incorporate the entry level position (sales associate) into the contingent career paths of the organization is doomed to mediocre or even failing performance. As such, taking good care of frontline employees should be a top management concern. One way that service employees can be shown that they are valued members of the organization entails the implementation of thoughtful and organized career development programs, initiatives which help increase employees’ job satisfaction and feelings of empowerment in their customer-facing roles.

  • Second:

    The retailing organization that fails to insist that its senior executives spend at least a few days per month on the sales floor is likely to lose sight of the customer environment and the “retail” operation.

  • Third:

    Retail organizations that have, within their buying/merchandising personnel, individuals who have never sold on the floor, probably do not understand the marketing concept or the role of “selling” in their organizations.

  • Fourth:

    It is not possible to train employees to provide friendly courteous service. Therefore, there is only one opportunity to generate employees with this critical skill….in the recruitment/ selection process.

I think this four rules can help us to make the difference having happy employees, happy clients and, even more important, achieve great results.

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