Strategy: Logos and Mythos

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More and more often, we hear voices claiming the new role and responsibilities of the modern societies and economies that mostly focus on the need of effective organizations that drive innovation and generate jobs and wealth.

Nonetheless, companies exist in a sort of functional society which ensures legal, economic, public and cultural order and both orders- the business one and the social one are interdpendent. Together, they should build their logos and mythos. Etymologically, both Greek words can be translated as something like “story” (mythos) or “account” (logos). Mythical thinking and logical thinking both provide an account of the world, but do so in a very different ways. The logos of strategy includes technical, economic and organizational activities and should focus on effciency and results. The mythos of strategy focus on passion, intuition and dreams something very often neglected but also indispensable for the company. Mythos is a soul of the company and builds its legitimization and reputation in the outside world as well as loyalty and commitment of people inside the company. Mythos connect emotionally the inside and the outside environment.

When companies act strategically, a world of values, dreams and hopes appears next to the wolrd of effectiveness. This creates the indispensable mythos of the company and the market- something like a tale not about an effective resource allocation but about great passions and the discipline of effective strategies.

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